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About Bukowski Design

The family business Bukowski Design AB has existed since 1990. Creativity, high quality materials and a family business atmosphere are the key to success. It all started when Barbara Bukowski designed and sewed teddy bears for her two sons. Quickly, acquaintances and relatives also became enthusiastic about the bears, which she had designed according to old German and English patterns. At a fair in Sollentuna, she presented her bears to the general public for the first time. And had success. Because at that time there was no manufacturer of traditional stuffed animals in Sweden. In general, stuffed animals were not as popular in Sweden as in other countries, such as Germany. Only a few people had mastered the craft, having teddy bears made was expensive, and there was hardly any large-scale production. Barbara Bukowki wanted to change that - and she did. Today, her company is known worldwide and plush animals from Bukowski Design can be found in children's and living rooms all over the world. What was once a hobby has become a profession - or rather a vocation. Barbara Bukowski dedicates herself with passion and love to every single design. All plush animals, teddy bears, as well as dogs, cats and the rest of the extensive collection are modeled after famous people and bear their names as well as their character traits. Today Bukowski Design AB is one of the leading soft toy companies and not only in Sweden, but also in other European countries.