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The story of the Easter bunny

According to legend, several hundred years ago Duchess Rosilinda of Lindenberg had to flee her home with her children and a servant to hide from a war in her country. They found shelter in a small mining village in the mountains. The poor villagers didn't have much, but they shared what they had. Because the village was so isolated, they had never heard of chickens producing eggs. The Duchess wanted to do something to help the friendly villagers who were hosting them. So when she sent her servant to get news from her husband about the war, she also instructed him to bring back chickens. Within a week, he was back with an entire cage full of live, egg-producing chickens....

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About Bukowski Design

The family business Bukowski Design AB has existed since 1990. Creativity, high quality materials and a family business atmosphere are the key to success. It all started when Barbara Bukowski designed and sewed teddy bears for her two sons. Quickly, acquaintances and relatives also became enthusiastic about the bears, which she had designed according to old German and English patterns. At a fair in Sollentuna, she presented her bears to the general public for the first time. And had success. Because at that time there was no manufacturer of traditional stuffed animals in Sweden. In general, stuffed animals were not as popular in Sweden as in other countries, such as Germany. Only a few people had mastered the craft, having...

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