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Ziggy Baby Rug taupe

Ziggy Baby Rug taupe

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Discover the magical “Ziggy” cuddly blanket - a perfect companion for toddlers and infants. With its special, ultra-soft synthetic fiber texture, "Ziggy" is designed to provide a soft and cozy experience.

The "Ziggy" cuddly blanket is not only incredibly cuddly, but also skin-friendly, so you don't have to worry about your child's sensitive skin. It is available in an ideal size of 30 cm and offers your little one a wonderful cuddly companion.

What makes “Ziggy” particularly adorable is the removable hood. Your child will be thrilled to discover and play with this cute feature. The hood can be easily put on and taken off, which gives the comforter an additional appeal.

Practical and easy to care for: The “Ziggy” comforter can be easily washed at 30°C, so it always stays hygienic and clean. The sewn fabric eyes give the scarf a charming expression and ensure that it is safe for all ages.

"Ziggy" meets the highest safety standards and complies with European safety standards EN71/1-3. So you can rest assured that this product has been manufactured according to strict quality guidelines.

Trust in the durability of this comforter, designed to withstand your child's daily adventures and hugs. “Ziggy” quickly becomes an indispensable companion who provides comfort and security.

Give your child the perfect mix of softness, fun and safety with the "Ziggy" comfort blanket. Buy this enchanting plush toy today and give your darling a little bit of magical cuddly joy.